5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Integrated Marketing Agency

Bright Company - Dubai Agency - Integrated Marketing Team
23 Aug 2023

Mariam Elsayed, Integrated Marketing Director at Bright Company Dubai is a seasoned professional having worked for a variety of clients and agencies including PR, Marketing, Social Media, Digital, and Integrated, Mariam explains the 5 reasons why she thinks you should hire an integrated marketing agency as your next agency.

For companies that serve customers in different fields, the last thing you want to do is attempt to handle your own company’s marketing without sufficient preparation, planning or organisation. This will do more harm than good to your business because every marketing effort you do will cost you money, time, effort and can tarnish your brand image if done incorrectly. Another thing you don’t want to do is hire a single person to overwhelm them with all your marketing requirements.  If your company is unfamiliar with marketing strategies, opting to delegate all marketing responsibilities to a sole integrated marketing agency can prove to be a smart decision indeed.

1) Cost-Effective

Hiring different agencies or freelances to handle various marketing tasks such as (photography, videography, social media, PR, creative and design projects) can swiftly lead to high expenses. If you hire an integrated marketing agency, you will optimize resource allocation and ultimately prevent work duplication. When you rely on a single integrated marketing agency to handle various elements of your marketing and communication internally, the chances of experiencing multiple price markups are reduced. When a service is outsourced through intermediaries, your invoice might end up with 3 or 4 layers of added ‘profit.’

2) Strategically Consistent

Dealing with integrated marketing agencies means receiving a cohesively crafted strategic methodology for all your marketing endeavours. These agencies have the ability to synchronize your communication, branding, and campaigns across multiple platforms, guaranteeing that your target audience receives a unified and captivating message.

3) Cross-Channel Expertise

Integrated agencies bring expertise across multiple disciplines under one roof. Single agencies that focus on a single service lack expertise in areas outside their specialisation which can not only limit the marketing strategy’s effectiveness but also cause you to spend more effort and time looking for someone else to fulfil the rest of the required tasks that they lack experience in.

4) Comprehensive Reporting

Integrated marketing agencies provide consolidated reporting and analytics across all channels. Single agencies may offer individual reports that lack an overarching view of your marketing performance.

5) Creative Synergy across the agency

Integrated marketing agencies promote the cultivation of creative cooperation among various marketing fields, which gives rise to inventive concepts that could be overlooked when engaging distinct specialised agencies.

In summary, an integrated marketing agency is a specialised firm within the marketing industry that excels in formulating and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies. These strategies encompass a variety of communication channels and methods to convey a consistent and harmonious brand message. If you opt for an integrated agency, you are guaranteeing a harmonised marketing approach to fulfil your business’ strategic goals as a business as well as engage your target audience.


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