What is a Messaging Workshop?

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29 Dec 2022

Brand messaging is how your company communicates itself to everyone, from those who work for you to those who buy from you. A messaging workshop allows organisations to communicate their history, vision, mission, values, and identity to stakeholders. 

In business, words have power. Often, the need for brand and messaging workshops occurs when a company begins to read, and we mean really read, the company website. Another quick and easy litmus test to check your company’s brand messaging alignment is to ask a handful of employees “who is the target audience?”. Why? Because your target audience, no matter what your organisation does, should be front and centre of the business. Everything you do, you do it for them. (Minus the Brian Adams soundtrack).

Why is the customer central to your business?

Firstly, if your customer is not central to your business, you may want to start moving to change this. You may have heard the term ‘customer centricity’ – it’s about putting the customer at the front and centre of your business. Customer centricity is an holistic organisational approach that ensures all business decisions and actions are focused on delivering value and an overall positive experience to the customer. Companies that are ‘customer centric’ are said to be 60% more profitable than those that aren’t. Messaging workshops can help you to address any client centricity issues you have.

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Why is brand messaging important? 

Brand messaging is a critical aspect of a brand’s overall strategy. Brand messaging helps a brand stand out, differentiates the brand from competitors, and creates a consistent brand identity. Your approved brand messaging should be used across all company materials, including sales collateral, social media strategy and posts, website content, customer documents, and more.

Effective brand messaging is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the target audience and allow a brand to communicate authentically and with purpose.

So, what is a messaging workshop? 

A messaging workshop will help craft a robust messaging strategy. It’s not the same as a design sprint or a creative sprint – those are for innovation and problem-solving. A messaging workshop can be a series of sessions or a one-off session where a company or organisation works to define and refine its brand messaging. This typically involves getting under the skin of a company and understanding its DNA.

Participants at a workshop will typically include key stakeholders from across the company. It should not be limited to only the marketing team. Preparations for the workshop may leverage existing brand documents and research, such as focus groups, market research, and market intelligence.

During a messaging workshop, you will discuss the company, the target audience, company vision, day-to-day business activities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). You will review any macro and micro factors affecting the business, identify the company’s unique selling points (USPs), key messages that the brand wants to communicate to its target audience, as well as the tone and voice the brand will use to communicate these messages.

A messaging workshop aims to create a clear and cohesive brand messaging strategy that aligns with the brand’s values and resonates with its target audience. This can help the brand communicate more effectively with its audience and improve its marketing efforts.

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Want to develop your brand messaging? 

At Bright Company, we have conducted brand messaging workshops for hundreds of clients across Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. As a result, those workshops have transformed brand documents, marketing strategies and activity, press releases and media content, social media strategy and content, SEO-optimised website copy, sales materials, and more. We’ve developed brand messaging for consumer brands and highly complex B2B organisations – bringing their business to life through words and copy.

We’d be more than happy to take you through some examples of our work and talk you through the process. If you want to find out more – drop your details here:

a company can more effectively communicate with its audience and build a strong brand identity.