DUBAI B2B Company Global Rebrand

Transforming business for a global energy organisation

We worked on a Dubai b2b company global rebrand, this is how it went:


B2B industries are some of the most overlooked yet most fascinating businesses out there. For example, did you know that a business purchase decision is a much more highly emotional and complex decision-making process than a consumer decision? Choosing a sub-par washing machine might be annoying and frustrating, but what about choosing the wrong service provider for your entire company? 

NTS Amega Global contacted Bright Company with a very simple brief:

“we’re not sure our marketing is doing anything for us, can you help?”

NTS Amega Global is a leading global provider of complex manufacturing, repair and rental solutions for the Oil & Gas sector, they were going through a significant period of growth, but their marketing wasn’t showing off their business the way it should.


A rebrand wasn’t initially on the cards. Step one was to gather the good and the great at NTS Amega Global and get under the skin of the brand. 

A Marketing Workshop was held over five days on-site in Jebel Ali and did all the good things a marketing workshop should. Most importantly we identified some incredible opportunities, as well as some incredible areas for improvement, giving us our key areas of focus which included:

– A global rebrand and alignment

– Website overhaul

– A social media shake-up

– And several other items we can’t list here…

To support the global rebrand, website, and social media we developed core documents to set the guidelines for the 11 NTS Amega Global facilities around the world. This included: The Brand Strategy, which featured a refreshed mission, vision, values, message house, USPs, positioning strategy, and the marketing strategy.

During the strategic sessions, the brand was audited and reviewed. The global rebrand deliverables contained a full suite of collateral, which included PowerPoint templates, invoicing templates, sales presentation designs, hard hat designs, office designs, and graphic templates.


Bright Company Dubai Agency - NTS Amega Global Social Media Strategy
Bright Company Dubai Agency - NTS Amega Global Brand Guidelines
Bright Company Dubai Agency - NTS Amega Global Brand Guidelines Sample
Bright Company Dubai Agency - NTS Amega Global Brand Photoshoot
Bright Company Dubai Agency - NTS Amega Global Brand Imagery


A detailed and actionable social media strategy was developed and delivered to align with the rebrand and implementation plan. The strategy included content pillars, bespoke hero imagery shot by a professional photographer on-site, social media templates, and the required documents that are needed to effectively manage the social media account.

The documents and strategies were delivered via presentation and training sessions in person and through video calls, as well as follow up support sessions.



Bright Company - NTS Amega Global Social Media - Ramadan Campaign
Bright Company - NTS Amega Global Social Media - Spotify Campaign
Bright Company - NTS Amega Global Social Media - Services Campaign
Bright Company - NTS Amega Global Social Media - TikTok Video Campaign


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