Bright Company is responsible for the digital delivery and social media management for Proteus.

Content content creation, community management, and thought-leadership

Bright Company is responsible for the digital delivery and social media management for SaaS tech start-up, Proteus. Proteus is a project management software solution that has been designed to meet the needs of B2B industries and organisations who run complex projects. Their technology enables their customers to transform their internal processes and work management to enable them to reduce time, costs, and increase profits. You can find out more about Proteus here:

Bright Company drove the development of the the social media strategy and implementation plans. The content strategy has been designed to ensure it speaks directly to the target audience. The content pillars created and the content developed includes video, static graphics, GIFS, and blog posts. Additional lead generation content includes the development of white-papers and reports to drive data capture.

When it comes to developing the content approach and digital strategies for start-ups it is vital that the target audience is well defined. Bright Company led several workshops with the Proteus leadership team in order to qualify and identify the correct target audience. As a result of the workshop, the primary target audience for the brand was re-focused and the supporting marketing plans and content were adapted accordingly.

Following this we decided to hone in on our social media.


Get the attention of frustrated, over-worked people who work in project management roles.


The project management and solutions industry is big business, especially when it comes to SaaS and tech. The industry was valued at $6.59 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow significantly over the coming decade. As a result, it’s fast becoming a noisy and crowded market.

Most project management solutions, including Proteus, were all more or less saying the same thing… “save time”, “real-time dashboards”, “integration”, “centralisation”, “get better accuracy”, “more control”, “better consistency”, and so on.

Which sounds good… except… what does it really mean to the average project manager? Because the average project manager is dealing with some really basic, really similar problems every day. Research showed us they wanted a couple of key things… better process, information that talked to each other, and correct baseline data. 

Instead of throwing buzzwords. Bright Company created a series of videos, gifs, graphics and memes to bring the frustration to life, using our target audiences frustrations to open the conversation and help them find their solution through Proteus. 

The social media strategy was complemented with paid advertising. Paid advertising platforms include Google search and display, META, LinkedIn, review-based websites, as well as native advertising. Content is supported with advertising to maximise the content effectiveness and reach the target audience.


Bright Company is a Dubai-based integrated Communications, Marketing, & Social Media Agency. They have worked with a number of SaaS tech start-ups on their digital presence, social media management, and digital strategies. Bright Company blends industry insight with creative solutions to achieve business objectives and solve brand challenges.

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